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Help give youngsters a Fresh Start in 2017

DEF’s ‘Fresh Start’ Programme

In 2016 The Dan Eley Foundation started an alliance with Surrey Youth Support Services to help some of the most disadvantaged young people in the southwest Surrey area. Together we identify youngsters most in need and provide them with the equipment and support services they need help them access education and/or training and ultimately employment.

We want to give these youngsters practical help to enable them to take that first step in turning their life around. Funds raised towards the programme are spent on items such as: suits and/or shoes for job interviews, refurbished laptops so they can work and learn at home, a basic mobile phone, a bicycle to get to training centres or a job interviews, and in some cases towards their Duke of Edinburgh award program.

Over the last year we helped nearly 20 youngsters in the southwest Surrey area obtain the equipment/services they most needed to help them get back in to education, training and/or ultimately employment. In 2017 will be expanding our remit to include homeless young people in response to the sharp rise of homelessness in the UK. Often these youngsters are from broken families and they have been left behind by the conventional academic system.

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As well as supporting disadvantaged youngsters locally we continue to run our vital apprenticeship training courses for youngsters from the slums of Colombia. There are many desperately poor young people in Colombia who lack real opportunities to progress in life and develop their potential. They are destitute, without hope, often without food and live in deprived areas affected by delinquency, gangs and violence.

The Dan Eley Foundation and their partner charities both in the UK and Colombia back up their skills training programmes with comprehensive psychological support and counselling services. We believe that this model, which includes constant exposure to and guidance from positive role models in a compassionate and unconditionally supportive environment is vital for them to lead successful and fulfilling lives as adults.

In 2017, following on from the success of our first 7 apprenticeship training programmes The Dan Eley Foundation & FEDUT will be continuing this course for an eighth and ninth time, training a further 60 young people from deprived urban communities of the city of Cali, Colombia. The course is run four times every 16 months and successful candidates undergo a six-month training programme comprising a three month theoretical component, where the student learns IT skills and accountancy theory, followed by a three-month practical work experience component where the student is tutored in the workplace employed in a local company.

Additionally we will we are continuing our support, for a fifth year, for local skills training charity called Skillway. We will be providing another bursary for a local youngster to undergo a 2 year Masterclass course in his or her chosen vocation/trade. We intend to continue and expand our support for local skills training charities in years to come.

Furthermore we continue to build upon our already strong relationship with local sixth form college Godalming College. In March 2017 we will be hosting our third Spring Benefit Concert, the proceeds of which will again be used to support local ‘NEETS’ youngsters (not in employment or education and training) through our Fresh Start program in the southwest Surrey area.

Please help us support these youngsters; with your help we can transform their lives!

£750 will take one young person through the entire six-month training scheme, providing them with a very real opportunity for sustainable and legitimate employment

£300 will buy one computer plus monitor which will enable hundreds of students to learn basic IT skills including Microsoft Office, accountancy software and language learning programmes

£150 will cover all necessary schooling costs for one year

£50 will buy all textbooks and important reference materials for one student for the six month course

Please support this campaign and play a constructive part in changing the lives of these young people enabling them to become self-sufficient, fulfilled and independent.