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The Dan Eley Foundation

Institutional Philosophy


Our vision is to be a nongovernmental, not for profit organisation, free from political or religious bias, internationally respected as a comprehensive, highly effective and adaptive model for child & youth development capable of producing competent and responsible future leaders.


Our mission is to contribute the personal and professional development of underprivileged young people with a focus on practical skills training and psychological/social support as a means to increase employment potential and improve opportunities to achieve a more fulfilling and productive life

Beliefs & Principles

  • All children and young people deserve equal access to a high quality education and legitimate employment opportunities.
  • Children and young people who have access to a high quality education, skills training and psychosocial support are more likely to lead fulfilling, successful lives as adults.
  • A supportive, nurturing environment where children learn values through examples and positive role models is more likely to foster the self belief required for them to recognise their ability and fulfil their potential.
  • Legitimate employment leads to empowerment, economic independence, increased hope and reduces the likelihood of involvement in criminal activity.
  • In order to address poverty and inequality it is essential to create future leaders with values and a sense of social responsibility from a diverse range of socio-economic backgrounds.


  • Honesty – transparency and accountability from all parties in all matters and activities.
  • Responsibility – understanding of and commitment to carry out all duties to the best of our ability at all times.
  • Productivity – all activities conducted in accordance with and towards the fulfilment of our vision.
  • Respect – from and between all participants, both staff and children involved in all projects at all times.
  • Solidarity – the pledge of unconditional support for all children involved in DEF projects.
  • Courage – the ability and belief to face challenges and the confidence to make bold decisions under adverse circumstances.