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  • Dan working with street children in Guatemala City in 2008

    Dan working with street children in Guatemala City in 2007

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  • Slums in Guatemala City

    Slums in Guatemala City

  • children1

    Street Children, Guatemala City

  • children2

    Street Children, Guatemala City

  • children3

    Street Children, Guatemala City

  • streetWorkshop

    Street Workshop, Guatemala City

  • Dan with his colleagues at Casa Alianza Guatemala in 2007

    Dan with his colleagues at Casa Alianza Guatemala in 2007

  • Slums in San Salvador

    Slums in San Salvador

  • danwithkids

    Dan working at street child refuge in El Salvador 2008

  • sansalvador

    Dan working with street children in San Salvador 2008

  • workshop

    Community Workshop, San Salvador

What seemed like a tragedy has led to a dream coming true….

Dan Eley, a young man from Surrey, England worked as a charity worker with impoverished children in Latin America for two years before a diving accident in the Colombian Amazon left him paralysed from the chest down two years ago.

Dan spent the next year in hospital, fighting for his life and facing up to the enormous emotional and physical challenges of being so severely paralysed. During these difficult times he had the opportunity to meet other people with similar disabilities who had overcome extreme adversity to go on and achieve great things in life. This inspired him to pursue his dream of starting apprenticeship-style training schemes for children living in poverty in Colombia and Latin America. The Dan Eley Foundation is the realisation of that dream.

“Our aim is to help young people help themselves so that they can achieve true independence”

At the core of our vision is the belief that all children have unique potential which, if nurtured and developed will enable them to lead productive and fulfilling lives as adults. However in order to do so it is vital that they can count on people who will show them unconditional compassion, consistent support and the importance of humanitarian values. Only under such conditions will they discover the self belief to flourish and succeed in their aspirations and escape the ever present lure of criminal activity.

The goal of The Dan Eley Foundation is to create a supportive environment where disadvantaged young children are given the opportunity to try a range of technical and vocational skills and to provide them with the professional training they need to obtain legitimate employment.

It is our aim to be recognized as a charity that helps young people to help themselves and ultimately achieve true independence.

Our mission is to contribute to the personal and professional development of underprivileged children and young people, with a focus on job skills training and comprehensive psychological/social support as a means to increase employment potential and improve opportunitiess to achieve independence and a more fulfilling and productive life

  • Objectives for 2014

    Sponsor a DEF Youngster

    There are many disadvantaged youngsters living right on our doorstep in Surrey who are struggling to develop their true potential. Moreover there are desperately poor young people in Colombia and South America who lack any real opportunities to progress in life. They are destitute, without hope..

    See how you can get involved.

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    This is the case of John Freddy, a 17 year old boy from the Comuneros district who three years ago completed his studies at his local school.

    Not wanting to continue studying he decided instead to look for a job.

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  • Follow our DEF volunteer!

    On September 27th 2013 Will Johnson flew out to Colombia to for 6 months as a volunteer field worker for The Dan Eley Foundation and medical charity SALCET volunteer. Will will be working closely with our partner charities providing support in the areas of medical assistance and sports coaching.

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